The Bridge, After Which The Path Of Truth Begins

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, Letter 16: It is known that it is impossible to see a small object and it is easier to see a large object. Hence, when a person commits a few lies, he cannot see the truth—that he is walking on a false path. Rather, he says that he is walking on the path of truth. But there is no greater lie than that. And the reason is that he does not have enough lies to see his true state.

But when a person has acquired many lies, the lies grow in him to the extent that he can see them if he wishes. Thus, now that he sees the lies, that he is walking on a false path, he sees his true state. In other words, he sees the truth in his soul and how to turn to the right path.

It follows that this point, which is a point of truth, that he is treading a false path, is the medium between truth and falsehood. This is the bridge that connects truth and falsehood. This point is also the end of the lie and from here on begins the path of truth.

Thus, we can see that to be rewarded with Lishma (for Her Name), we first need to prepare the biggest Lo Lishma (not for Her Name), and then we can achieve Lishma. And similarly, Lo Lishma is called a “lie” and Lishma is called “truth.”

The disclosure of falsehood is the very point from which a person can start correction because he will see that he is in falsehood and can no longer endure this condition. A lie is what that goes against the truth. A person has a point that does not allow him to agree with a lie, “You can kill me, but I cannot accept this!”

This is the point of truth, where the truth and the lie converge. A person stands in the middle and cannot agree with a lie whatever it may cost him. If I stay at this point with a lie, I disappear from the universe!

My desire has only one point like this, which came to me from the desire to bestow upon the Creator, where it is felt that “He is first.” At that moment when I finally clarify my nature, I feel that there is His desire inside of my desire. Then I can no longer remain in my desire because it will be a complete lie to me. I see that there is life; its source is in the spark of the Creator hidden within creation. This point is the beginning of the birth of the human being.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/11/13, Writings of Rabash

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