A Reminder About Correcting The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Peace in the World”: This is the key to understanding the weakness of world-reformers throughout the generations. They regarded man as a machine that is not operating properly and needs mending, meaning to remove the corrupted parts and replace them with good ones.

And that is the tendency of all world reformers—to eradicate any harmful and bad in the human species… and it is true that if the Creator had not stood against them, they would certainly have by now cleansed man entirely, leaving only the good and useful.

But don’t we want to correct the world? So, what makes us different from others?

Comment: Only the Light that Reforms corrects and we attract it.

Answer: True. We do not make the correction but draw the Light so that it does its job. We seem to open the valve which was blocking its path. That is why we do not belong to those “world-reformers” about whom Baal HaSulam writes. After all, they want to do all the work themselves.

This is a fundamental difference. Take a look at what happens to the world: No matter how much people strive to solve its problems, all is in vain. In fact, it is necessary only to allow the Light to correct the human being and accept the result. Do not do anything else—only let the Light work. Any additional action is not just unnecessary, but harmful.

This is what we should understand and then all our deeds will be aimed at bestowal. By adding the correct intention to them, we allow the Light to work on the world, on the entire still, vegetative, animate, and human nature; the Light will adjust everything according to our strengths, our desire, to the opportunities that we open before it.

We do not interfere in the process of correction; we do not know what is good or bad, what the order of actions is, or how to implement it. We just want to open the path to the Light and that is all.

Of course, we would like to know more, to understand what is happening, participate in work, take part in the process, to be active… However, all these impulses should be directed only at one thing—to let the Light in.

If we act in the wrong direction, if we want to perform this work ourselves instead of allowing the Light to do this, then we are only causing a bad addition to our activities until we learn the lesson and understand what is required of us.

That is why, if we want to advance, in principal, we have to focus on the correct intention and actions and only those that give the Light the opportunity to correct.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/10/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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