Krasnoyarsk Convention: A Possible Leap

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In one of the videos you said that the residents of Siberia are a special people possessing an extraordinary harmony between heart and mind. Is there really some kind of uniqueness in them?

Answer: Without a doubt. The idea is that beyond the Ural region live people who are completely different from those in the European part of Russia. These are people with a different mentality, with another approach to life, who are more open, more honest and sincere than in Western Europe. They have more consideration, a great possibility, and great ease in attaining spirituality.

Therefore I explain that at the convention we are planning, we will speak together in a completely different form and will understand each other very well. The inhabitants of Siberia are themselves less complicated, closer to nature, easier in the contact between them. This is specifically what I felt when I visited Siberia, and in principle this is how it must be.

I hope that a meeting with people like these will be much more pleasant, much simpler and more open. This will make a great leap possible for us, and it will indeed happen.
From the Virtual Lesson, 6/2/13

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