Condemned Because Of A Vicious Ego

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why does it say that if a lie is small we cannot see our real condition?

Answer: Suppose I am investigating a criminal act and I have to prove that the person sitting before me is a liar and everything depends on the evidence I have against him.

If the evidence isn’t clear and is doubtful and I am not sure that this person is guilty, he can deny everything. The court cannot make a decision when a case is so vague. But if we bring a long list of a person’s offenses along with evidence and testimonies of eye witnesses before it, then there is no doubt that he is guilty, he cannot deny it anymore.

This is the state we should reach when we have irrefutable proof of our ego. We must discover that our attributes are so bad that their crime and outcome are evident not only to us but to the whole world.

We must have irrefutable proof of our lie and it wouldn’t be just cries such as “you are lying!” that I can deny counting on my nature. All my crimes must actually be revealed, as it says: “A judge only has what his eyes can see.”

I must attain such a level of the revelation of the lie that I will really want to leave the lies. It will be very clear to me that the ego is lying to me; this is called a real testimony of a witness, I have to actually see all its crimes on the deepest level Dalet de Dalet (fourth of the fourth).

Then I will have no arguments left, and will not be able to deny it anymore. I will have no power to remain in this state. I will escape from it just as you escape a feeling of great shame.

Imagine that some electrode is connected to your ear and everyone can see your thoughts and your feelings. You would rather die than feel such shame and it is true with regard to each of us. So we have to be impressed by our work this way in order to actually want to die of shame because of my ego. Only then do we reach the truth and agree to change. Remaining in the ego will be worse for us than shame, since our “criminal” thoughts will be revealed to the whole world.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/11/13, Writings of Rabash

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