What Are You Doing Here?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it important to match people in the integral education groups according to their properties?

Answer: I wouldn’t say we should match people according to their properties. After all, the characteristics can be completely different, and no qualifications matter there.

What matters is the so-called “threshold attitude,” the preparation to what we are doing. Someone may have already taken certain courses, undergone some integral superposition with others, while another may not know what we are talking about. He was brought from outside and wonders, trying to catch his breath: “What are the rest of the people doing here?” This should not happen: They will simply not understand one another. People should be approximately at the same level according to their integral preparation.

The integral experience should be similar.

We should know beforehand that in the group of twelve people there are, say, five who are more or less prepared and who feel and know already what’s going on. And then they include all the rest within themselves as though they enclose them and take them together with them. Then the joint work begins.
From the talk on the integral upbringing, 03.04.2012

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