The Practice Of Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanEstablishing the right mutual relations in the group is the most important thing we need to implement, since the wisdom of Kabbalah is a very practical wisdom. We can use other wisdoms even without understanding them. For example, I sit in the car and I am shown what is around me, which buttons to press and go. This is what actually happens in everything that we do. It is enough to know a few things in order to use different scientific developments. Sometimes all we need is some basic knowledge: For example, get in and sit down and the train or the bus will take you to your destination, although you have no idea how it is done. I move from place to place, eat, drink, and participate in different events knowing nothing about the technical basis of things, just like a newborn baby who is carried in the adults’ arms or pushed in a stroller.

In spirituality, however, it is different. There I can use certain things only if I know and understand them. I have no control over things that I have not attained and have not discovered. I cannot just sit in some “spiritual carriage” and go somewhere. No, I have to know who I am, what this “carriage” is, how it moves, how to operate it, from where to where I should ride it, what is the place I started from like and what is the nature of my final destination, etc. I have to know what is going on, to be in control of the situation and not just “press the buttons.” Only if I can really implement this fully, having mastered everything, can I perform a certain spiritual act. Otherwise, I simply don’t exist in the spiritual world.

Therefore, we have to immediately ask ourselves: Which means enable us to discover, to know and to understand the spiritual reality and to learn how to manage it? Kabbalists explain that everything in our world is prepared for that. It is fully ready only for this mission, so that from here I will learn how to work with the spiritual world, live in it, and fully control it.

From this world I learn about the upper world. The main tool here is to practice love. We can call it the practice of connection, concession, but on the whole it is about love.

Why? Because that’s what it’s all about. Now I love myself, my desire to receive. I enjoy by filling and satisfying it. This I how the Creator made me, He connected the filling with the pleasure. Love of others means that I don’t absorb the pleasure but rather feel it in Him and by that enjoy. This is how a mother also enjoys every spoonful she can put into her baby’s mouth…
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/14/12, Writings of Rabash

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