The Immune System Of The Integral Society

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It is common knowledge that the human organism has an immune system that blocks and destroys old defected cells which are still alive. If we compare this to the integral society, does it mean that this system has to get rid of old sick people?

Answer: No. The point is that here we need a system that sorts out what is beneficial and what is harmful. There is nothing harmful in nature. It is all revealed this way to us because we don’t know how and what to implement correctly. Nothing is destroyed in nature. Everything that nature develops is necessary and so it should be the same in human society. This means that we are going to see how various intractable, negative forces remain outside of our success in integral education do so because we do not put in the correct effort.

On the basis of these examples, we will just learn to improve our system of education and teaching and thus advance. We should be thankful to all the revelations of our deficiencies because they constantly compel us to further develop this method and will serve as the basis for its development.

I believe that the revelation of the negative attributes is as beneficial as the revelation of the positive attributes. It is negative feedback that corrects our focus towards the ultimate goal.

Question: So it turns that a direct transfer of the human organism model, or of what we see in nature, and our attempt to implement it without explaining the real reasons why it is that way in nature actually leads to great problems.

Answer: No. Here it is implemented on the model of a closed living body, which we have to keep balanced. In order to do that we have to sort out, clarify, and analyze the elements or the attributes that we receive from the outside and what we need.

This is because we realize that no matter how much we try to absorb only what is beneficial from the environment around us, a lot of harmful things also enter the organism. That which is harmful needs to be identified, collected, and evacuated from the body. This is what our physiological systems do, and it is the same on the cognitive level. The immune system stands guard and destroys everything that penetrates the organism that is hostile to the body.

I think this system has to be created in society until it reaches its ultimate form. If a certain part of humanity is in the process of becoming integral, it will certainly have to set some limits and boundaries around it so that outsiders will not be able to influence it. This means that in contrast to the rest of humanity, these people will have to live according to laws and constitutions and different social and family relations, which they accept according to their spiritual level and their altruistic development.

Of course, like a healthy organism, they will have to protect themselves from evil external influences. Here there should be an immune system that warns if a negative influence is felt in the society, and should immediately identify and remove it.
From KabTV’s “The Integral World: The Formula of Integral Society,” 7/1/12

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