Play And Come Into The Upper World

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Book of Zohar is all about the revelation of the Creator to the created beings. Who is the Creator? It is the upper Sefirot in which the simple upper Light is dressed, and through the Sefirot we, who are in Malchut, are impressed by them in different ways. This impression leads to the expansion of Malchut and then there is a desire, and it is impressed by them.

We in this world are a very distant result of these processes that take place on a higher level. But we are also impressed by the upper Light, which is dressed in the desire. I just feel this desire in the form of the still, vegetative, and animate nature, and people. I see it through this picture. It is only the Light that operates in the vessel, in the desire. But I was allowed to see its appearance like a theatrical performance, like a picture, a play that appears before me, but in fact, we did not need to see anything. Why do I need to see if I don’t have the right desire, I don’t have a Masach (screen), and I am not compatible to the upper world in any way?

In our world we see things in a similar manner: If I take off my glasses, I don’t see anything, if I put on different glasses, I see ten meters ahead, and if I put on another pair, I see a hundred meters ahead. This means that we perceive everything in accordance to what is external to me and what is inside me. There must be some adaptor, since the main law of nature when two parts connect is the law of equivalence of form. If there are two things, then to the extent that they have something in common they can be in contact, in mutual bestowal, impressed by each other. There must be an equivalence of form because otherwise they cannot perceive one another.

I am only in the desire to receive. And there is the upper Light. The desire to receive isn’t meant to receive anything from the upper Light or to feel its influence; it is only detached from it. It had to be. We don’t even feel the darkness. But a kind of theater show is created, some false picture, an illusion called “this world,” the innermost sphere of all the spiritual spheres. In this sphere the desire to receive is detached from spirituality, detached from the Light, detached from the darkness, detached from everything, and feels that it exists. This is the state we are in now, since it is a replica of the spiritual world. So we were given a game: We try and try, and as a result we eventually reach spirituality. Why? Our efforts are worthless, except for the fact that we try. I have to invest powers and then in contrast to my powers I summon upon myself the Light that Reforms from a distance.

Our world is actually not connected to spirituality in any way. Therefore, all our advancement is when we are not in contact with it, and when we don’t understand anything. What should we do? Do what Kabbalists tell you to summon the Light that Reforms. If you draw it upon you, it will help you. If you don’t, it won’t help you. You will never summon it mentally. It is only possible if you subdue yourself before the group and make it your environment. From all this area called “this world,” you were given a group. If you work with it correctly, you will exit this sphere and enter the upper world, otherwise it won’t happen.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/09/12, The Zohar

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