A Relapse Without Panic

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Christine Lagarde, head of the International Monetary Fund): “The head of the International Monetary Fund has urged world leaders to take immediate bold action to stimulate growth. Christine Lagarde warned that the global economy was decelerating and said both Europe and the United States were taking too long to come up with solutions to their debt problems.”

My Comment: People are beginning to become aware of fate, upper management, the lack of the ability to control events. Humanity is starting to bend down its head, “come down from the tree,” and lose pride and the sense that it is higher than what is happening.

Thus, humanity will gradually begin to feel that it is not above nature and can do whatever it wants, but that nature is above it and does everything according to its plan. Fear and uncertainty will quickly make people come around. It’s a pity, if this happens at the cost of blood and suffering. Similarity with Nature, the search for harmony with it, this is the only task of humanity. It will find itself in a new dimension through this search.

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