An Appointment With A Unity Specialist

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is the course of integral education different from the nice and simple concepts about altruism used by cheap psychology and New Age?

Answer: The main function of the course is to try to prove to a person that we can only save the world by connection. We have the method of connection that we believe to be the right one. Practical work will prove the advantage of this method compared to other methods that seem to be using the same concepts.

On the surface, it may seem the same, but there is a difference, just like when we compare two violinists, one who is a famous virtuoso and the other one plays on a street corner. We offer a new “game,” so let’s see who will succeed.

Expertise is the inner quality of the art. So the concepts may seem identical. There are doctors who are specialists that people come to from all over the world. One may wonder why they do that if there is a doctor in a clinic near a person’s home. People pay a lot of money so that a famous doctor will examine them.

Both are doctors, but it is a matter of art. One has an inner sense that cannot be sold or passed on to others; it is an inner, natural gift. We too have such an inner power, let’s check! If we succeed time after time, then people will stand in line waiting for us and we will be considered specialists.

Life will prove that, since we are assisting the unity and the connection among the people. We don’t call for riots and breaking shop windows, but for studying and for education. Because according to all the research, the data, and social statistics, we can already see what helps and what doesn’t.

Never has it been possible to attain something good in this world by force. Wherever there were riots and the governments gave in to the pressure of the people and performed some reforms from the top down, it eventually harmed the people. If we examine things, we will see that after lowering prices, the prices rise again and are even higher than they were and suddenly the retirement age increases by two years; it is the same in every area.

How can that be, why is it getting worse exactly in the same place they tried to improve things? It is as if the desired improvement brought about a negative result. But this is the law of nature that people don’t know and we do. All the improvements that are not performed according to this law will become harmful, exactly the opposite of what was intended, from plus to minus.

This is evident from statistical data. If someone doesn’t believe it, he can try to create uprisings and riots again and see what it will lead to in half a year.

It isn’t even a result of the crisis; it is simply a fixed law. Any strong nation that invaded other countries and dominated them was eventually dominated by the same nations, perhaps not immediately, but in a few centuries. France once ruled all of North Africa by making it its colony. Now it turns out that North Africa is coming to France and dominates it.

That’s the way it is everywhere, history always backlashes like a boomerang in response to any forceful action. We should learn from this so that we can at least stop ourselves from illogical actions. We have been blind until now, but if we already know the outcomes, we should change our strategy. There is no choice; we are finding ourselves in such a crisis today, that we cannot make any more mistakes. We must come to the right conclusions.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 6/29/12

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  1. I asked why truth vs. lie when we come from unity which is one not duality?

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