A Mercedes For Ten Dollars

Dr. Michael LaitmanIntegral education is a very serious tool that includes the special force that is revealed among us. It is the force of connection that saves us from all the troubles: from hunger, insecurity, health problems, problems with the kids, the break up of the family, etc. A person attends a course of integral education in order to find out how to solve all his problems.

All this happens in five sessions: It’s like buying a Mercedes for ten dollars! Since we are getting ready to acquire the force of the inner connection by which we will be able to attain everything, balance, harmony and connection, this is a real acquisition.

If people working in a certain plant connect, it is worthwhile and profitable even for the owner of the plant, since because of such connection the productivity increases, absenteeism decreases due to the absence of illness, and conflicts and disagreements disappear. It is even good for business.

A person should understand from the start what the plan is and what he gains from it. Then he will be ready to be part of the game. We are grown people dealing with a very serious matter by intending to acquire a special natural force that is concealed within our connection.

It is the most powerful force that is above everything, since all the other forces are separate. By this force of connection, we will be able to solve all our problems.

At the end of each workshop we should sum up things in order to assess our achievements—we’ve achieved connection; we felt how helpful it is; we understood how from this point we can begin to solve problems and deal with different questions, tie them together and approach them integrally.

We can already see how much we can save thanks to our connection: in the municipality, in industry, at home, in the family, and at work. The force of connection allows us to make changes on every level of our life. It is to such an extent that if we begin to organize everything and correct things from the bottom up, then what the government does will not worry us on our level. By the changes from the bottom up, we will force it to manage us differently.

We only need to rise from the bottom up (the Returning Light), which means to connect among us, even for the egoistic goal of attaining a better life. In any case, it will already be connection, which means the correction of the shattering. So gradually, by raising all the people with comprehensive integral education, we will change the general atmosphere in society, and it will spread all over and change our life.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 6/29/12

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