Parents and Poverty: A Threat To Young Generation

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Dr. Peggy Drexler, Author, Research Psychologist, Gender Scholar): “A 2010 Federal Reserve survey – done every three years – found a staggering 40 percent drop in household net worth. With the economy continuing to struggle in the areas that hit people hardest  – home and jobs – the next survey is unlikely to show an appreciable drop in pain, possibly not for years to come. …

“As families struggle financially, they often change.

“Anxiety and depression take seats at the dinner table. Children – with their receptors to parental mood always running wide open – will sense the change in household tone. They will pick up on even the subtle shifts in the rhythms of daily routines.

Worse, they may see the loss of homes, changes in schools and friends, even verbal and physical abuse as the family fault lines crack under the unrelenting stress of getting through the month.

“Children pushed into poverty by a recession, the report says, are three times more likely to be poor themselves than those who managed to stay more affluent. ‘In short,’ say the authors, ‘the conditions of today will give rise to the next generation of poor Americans.’

“The recession has also had its way with the trust and expectations of young adults — particularly the younger end of the Millennials. …

“They are forced to assume that ‘everything that came before them was a mirage – that it was built on unsafe foundations.’

“People will find their way back to confidence. But especially for those growing up under the weight of its fearsome uncertainties, it will be with us for generations to come.”

My Comment: Integral upbringing obliges our creating public dining rooms, clubs, athletic fields, voluntary childcare, and a cultural mass leisure, and so on. It is about creating an environment that will raise up the people of the future, and not grow the lumpenproletariat. The problem is not in the means, but in the desire to organize that our egoism stops.

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