Replacing Outdated Education

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur approach to replacing the current education method includes both theoretical developments and practical work, and pertains both to children and adults. Today there are many others in the world who conduct similar research and practical work either parallel to us or based on our work.

Presently the situation in schools has become so complicated that it’s dangerous for kids to be there. Too often they become victims of peer pressure, bullying, cruelty, and violence. It seems that the only reason kids attend school is to learn bad examples.

In contrast, we are implementing a new system of education and upbringing. The integral method rules out a form of education when children sit opposite an instructor, who stands before them and demands of them certain knowledge, which ultimately results in exams. First and foremost, we turn studying into a game, a discussion, or a conversation. Children sit in a circle with an instructor on equal terms, and not as lesser individuals against someone greater than them, and discuss some topic. Through this mutual discussion they begin to understand the material and naturally and easily absorb it within.

Having gone through such education, our children enter universities as early as 13-14 years of age. They perceive the material completely differently: freely and easily. They recognize all the particular items they study as parts of one integral whole.

Additionally, we have great success with younger children being taught by older ones, like when 12-13 year olds teach 9-10 year olds. This practice has proven to be very beneficial for both. The older kids are proud of being able to teach the younger ones, and this pride raises their self-esteem. And the younger kids are proud that the older ones pay attention to them.

This way we solve many psychological problems and issues by removing all conflicts and tension in the classroom and school.
From a lecture at Siauliai University 3.22.2012

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