Absorbing The Convention Materials

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You said that in the next few days, rather than to engage in dissemination, it is desirable for us to scrutinize the inner point so as to strengthen unity….

Answer: I believe that you should constantly, all your free time, review the materials on mutual guarantee, unity, mutuality, and integrality. Perhaps it’s better to use the processed rather than the original version because the originals are written in a special language that distracts us from experiencing this material in life directly. Maybe you should simply watch the convention one more time.

You should live by this and go through this again and again in order to form the strongest possible Reshimo, meaning memories, feelings, and work with these sensations. You will suddenly discover that we talked about the things that may have slipped your attention there, or you might have heard them in a different context, in a different perspective. You should go over what happened to you there, and do it several times.

I have witnessed many times that people hear very selectively. God help you to get something out of the information that I have put into it, not secretly inside my words, but clearly, verbally. In reality, people don’t catch more than 10-15 percent of what they hear. I personally went every day at least twice over any lesson with Rabash (any lesson! I don’t even mention our conventions), besides the fact that I attended it.

I also made a plan: Why he explains in that particular way, where the beginning and the end are, how he begins a question, how he finishes it, how he proceeds from the beginning to the end, develops a topic, gives additional questions, or sets some unclear tasks in the middle. I tried to “enter” his head, penetrate his approach. As a result, it turned out that due to this mechanical work I began to feel him, started to sense better.

It is necessary. This is what I meant by saying that for now you shouldn’t do anything else. It is you, those who experienced the convention and were inside, who now have to absorb it well.
From KabTV’s “Foundations of the Integral Society” 2/26/12

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  1. And Rabash is such a rav. He states “something”, which is already in itself quite appealing to the mind. Then he adds a few words or maybe a short question, and suddenly the purpose reveals. Or after a statement, he doubles it with a slight variation, and it all stems from the difference. Many words and in final it all clothes one discernment, brought on a silver plate. As: “He places it in your hand and says: what are you going to do?”

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