Towards Simplicity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Today, scientists are discovering that we are all interconnected, that countless threads, which we never even knew existed, stretch out between us. How does a Kabbalist see this? Could it really be that this enormous tangle moves constantly before his eyes?

Answer: In reality, everything is very simple. And the further we advance, the simpler it is. Man is simple, and the Light is simple, while the multiple calculations arise because egoism interweaves with the desire to bestow.

The further a person progresses, the more naturally he perceives the picture of the world. Habit becomes second nature. The same way you view your family and loved ones: It becomes your life, your nature, and you no longer exert efforts in the relationships with your loved ones or those whom you don’t really know. You know each of them and understand all the connections.

Right now it seems to you like a problem because it requires efforts. But when the desire to bestow reigns within you, problems disappear. There’s nothing simpler than coming to know the spiritual world and living in it.

“Is such a thing possible? How can I take care of everything, to control the movement of all the atoms and all the worlds?”

You don’t need to control anything since all of it is revealed within you, as your own system. And this is why each subsequent degree will be even freer from pressure, from the necessity to understand what’s happening. With every step, everything will become only clearer.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/29/2012, “Introduction to TES“  

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