The Saving Of The Euro Has Been Postponed

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Associated Press): ” The leaders of the 17 countries that use the euro have delayed a decision on whether to give their bailout funds more firepower until later in March, European officials said Tuesday [February 28, 2012].

“Eurozone leaders were expected to meet Friday afternoon to decide whether the currency union’s bailout funds will be allowed to give more than €500 billion ($669 billion) in loans.

“However, Germany, the eurozone’s largest economy and the biggest contributor to both bailout funds, has so far resisted such a move.

“The delay of the decision on the bailout funds is yet another example of the slow pace of decision-making in the eurozone’s two-year-old debt crisis.”

My Comment: The euro will disappear if the EU doesn’t move on to full integration, which is impossible without compulsory integral education. This necessity was not taken into account by the founders of the EU, and they ignore it to this day. In the meantime, there is the threat of the disintegration of the EU, and if they don’t try to prevent it by implementing further integration measures, the disintegration will take place. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen by an explosion.

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