The Renaissance Of Prejudice

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Nikolas Busse, Brussels Correspondent for NATO and the EU): “Perhaps the scariest side effect of the euro crisis is the renaissance of national prejudice. The Germans are called the Nazis again, while southern EU members are considered lazy and crooks. Some phrases are reminiscent of the rhetoric of the period before WWI and between the world wars. Rough expressions are evidence of the EU’s decline.

“European unity is broken by its goal – to reconcile peoples, who throughout history were used to looking at each other with hostility, distrust and envy. Despite the existence of the internal market and freedom of movement, EU citizens are strangers to each other and live in accordance with national mentality.

“During the crisis, the Europeans are turning to the past: Europe has not forgotten the Third Reich, for there will always be a certain skepticism in relation to Germany. The EU has a future only if all member states stay together.”

My Comment: That is why the method of integral education and upbringing highlights the need to educate all the participants of the integration processes in advance and to proceed to the creation of the integral community only as people’s thinking changes.

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