The End Of The Love Affair With Egoism

Dr. Michael LaitmanTo help us identify the intention, to receive or to bestow, special conditions have been: Each one sees himself existing in a big world of still, vegetative, animate, and human nature.

When the intention to receive approaches the very surface of consciousness, a person becomes despaired of this life. He might not yet realize it, but in reality, his despair was evoked by the egoistic intention. Everything is evaluated in relation to the intention, and everything is revealed in thoughts.

We need to clearly analyze ourselves to see the evil of egoism and acknowledge that the altruistic reality, which is opposite to it, may end up being good. This is why we suddenly end up in a group, which is given to us for this reason. No one thought or planned to join it, to study, and to work on establishing a connection with friends. However, since our egoistic intention has exhausted itself, the time has come to elucidate how evil it is. And then we find ourselves among people, who strive towards the same thing: They also wish to figure out what our life is about. And it is nothing like life in the egoistic intention. And even though the realization will come later, the analysis of the situation has already begun.

As a result, these people are gathered by a root, which created our egoistic existence; it gathers them so we would get our lives in order. It brings us closer (also in space) according to the similarity in qualities, that is, our intentions. It does not matter where we live and what we do; we become close in our analysis of the intention and then we suddenly become acquainted with each other. We begin to recognize each other all over the place only by our intention to receive, and we get together only in accordance with it.

All the friends are selected above and come to this final stage of development in our world, coming closer to the line, where it becomes clear that the love affair with egoism has come to an end, it is impossible to go on this way, the time has come to change the vector and move on to a different kind of existence, the intention to bestow.

So we would feel the need for it, the same root has prepared accordingly: Suddenly all our actions show how evil they are, the world appears broken, and we are broken between us. The crisis grasps the entire humanity, and us as its inner part.

  • For the masses, this
 manifests as a deterioration of living conditions: They simply cannot live
 as before, even though they are not yet able to discover the cause of the
 events. People want to continue using their neighbors—and they are
 unable to do it. This also makes them recognize the evil, but so far instinctively,
 and not in the form of the egoistic intention: They fail to achieve things
 in the given conditions, and do not know the recipe for success.
  • Moreover, there
 is our group where friends recognize the reason: They are failing because of the intention.

People, who identify the intention as the cause of all the evil, are called “the head,” while people, who are simply unhappy, are called “the body.” This way the group becomes “the head” of the entire humanity.

This way, together with his friends, man discovers their breaking, and together they discover the reason for it. And the world, which also discovers the breaking, gradually receives the realization of evil from this group: the understanding of why things are the way they are. This way the group and the world connect between them.

In reality they are initially connected, and they are just gradually beginning to realize it. Soon, we will discover how much the people need our analysis, which uncovers how evil the egoistic intention is, because they are unable to do it on their own. Our objective is to reveal this knowledge to the world, in other words, to provide integral upbringing.
From the Arava Arvut Convention Lesson #1, 2/23/12

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