An Egoistic Knockout

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When people unite for a common goal in a certain group and someone refuses to play the common game, he either needs to be removed or forced to work together with the team.

We are creating integral education groups where people do very important things: They study integration and apply it in practice. But in such groups, there might be a person who not only refuses to play this game, but for some reasons disturbs or even destroys the process.

Answer: We gather people in groups by type. There are people for whom it’s hard to accept the integral method and unification and to understand that community is where we will reveal the next level of our existence above the corporeal body: a common desire, common thoughts.

We have to put these people in separate groups, where we “pump” all this knowledge into them over months or maybe even years. Very carefully, we apply education methods, showing the need for unity using the examples of animals, people, social structures, society, and so on, until they begin to hear that this applies to them.

These people need time. They must not be pressured or expelled from the game because all of humanity has to develop to this point. If they have a desire for something (these people usually gravitate towards understanding, towards systematization of knowledge), they need to be given the opportunity to “cook” in it, until very gradually the society around them, time, as well as material will affect them. There is nothing else that can be done. Practice shows that sometimes the result can only come after several years.

These people study, they can write, speak about integration, lecture, and organize groups, but their nature is in such a deep state of egoistic knockout that they do not understand that they are not in this.

Question: How do you offer such person to transfer to a different group? And who will do it?

Answer: We initially sort people as we deem necessary. I think that you also put together your psychological groups according to certain criteria. It cannot be done any other way, otherwise participants will disturb one another. And we want for everyone to succeed. Groups are sorted according to certain similarity between them. So we use the same criterion of similarity here.
From a “Talk on Integral Education” #11, 12/16/11

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