Why Should We Quote Scientists?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In dissemination we use scientific materials. What scientists say is true. What is the difference between us and them? What do we add to their message?

Answer: With the help of different scientists we explain the general picture of reality to humanity: the beginning, the process, the end of its development, and human egoism that has become global these days and demands that we connect integrally.

We classify scientists and experts according to different fields: biology, zoology, geography, social sciences, or economics. These are respectable people, they have a reputation, and their opinions are very similar to our message. Therefore, we publish their ideas on our sites and in our materials. It helps us establish a strong basis upon which we can build the other part of our explanations.

On the basis of scientific evidence, with the help of scientists, we pave the way to the masses, to humanity. When scientists confirm that we are right, they enable us to tell about global and integral processes that oblige humanity to act.

Every scientist is limited to his field. He describes only one aspect of a phenomenon, part of the picture, but unfortunately he doesn’t present a full, global picture. On the other hand, we speak about the matter of creation: the desire and its comprehensive development by the Light. We are not limited by the traditional scientific frameworks. Experts from different fields usually don’t understand one another, but we are dealing with one, whole, and complex science.

Humanity divided knowledge into separate disciplines only a few centuries ago. Until then, there was no such division, and scientists studied different fields. They were true scholars. But eventually human knowledge expanded to such an extent that a single person cannot perceive it all. So we had to create an artificial division into different disciplines.


But the wisdom of Kabbalah doesn’t divide nature and reality into separate parts. In our circle we perceive sciences from different disciplines, whether it is physics, biology, or economics. We want to show people that the world is “round,” that the current crisis includes everyone, and that today we too have to be “round” and to connect.

Therefore we draw the scientists to our field. At the same time, however, their materials should be published on the Internet independent of us. After the convention we will begin to build a massive system of virtual dissemination so that all our groups around the world could start working on it.

We have to put pinpointed scientific data on wider and more general bands. Today for example, we talk a lot about the economic crisis. However, the economy is a copy of our ego, and the economic problems indicate that the crisis affects every aspect of our life. We want to make people aware of the general evil, and not to settle for local “clarifications.” We want to show them their need for correction.

When we talk about the measures that need to be taken, the Light enters the picture. The explanations don’t come from scientists alone, but from us. We describe the general approach to what is happening, we base it on other sources, and then thanks to the Light, people suddenly begin to understand that the good life they yearn for is something else, not what they thought. They realize that good life is bestowal, an ascent to another dimension. And it is the Light “nested” in our explanations that will bring them to that.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/29/2011, “The Essence of Religion and Its Purpose”

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