The Paradigm Of Balance

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe love that the science of Kabbalah reveals to us is a principle of nature. We have to view it as the fundamental force, without which no form of life would ever have emerged.

Two objects can exist only by virtue of mutual bestowal, mutual compassion, balance between them according to equivalence of form, attraction toward one another. Even on the still level of nature, opposite parts—protons and electrons—exist together in one system called an atom, a molecule, and so on.

When uniting more, they begin to work together on the vegetative level, with photosynthesis and other mechanisms inherent to it. There is an exchange of substances and systems accompanying it, and between them—mutual consideration of each other’s interests. After all, they also can’t exist without two forces: attraction and repulsion, reception and bestowal.

Next, on the animate level, these systems of reception and bestowal no longer co-exist within one object, but between different bodies, which have to unite to produce offspring. They depend on one another, help one another, and by virtue of that, life goes on.

Even if this happens instinctively, by nature’s orders for now, we already see how two opposite forces interact in balance with one another. As a whole, the entire complex of the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature is entirely balanced, and all its parts depend on one another.

However, man differs from these systems greatly: the force of attraction, of reception, stands out in him drastically, being an evil force that he does not balance with the good force. This separates man from the animate world. We stand out in it precisely by means of the evil force instilled in us, which wishes to consume more and more, to acquire and rule. As a result, we become stronger than nature, even though in reality this is a petty advantage.

After all, nature is wise and the two opposite forces in it are balanced. To cause general progress, it activates these forces one after another to develop them while preserving the general balance. On the other hand, man, with his sole, excessive egoism, towers above the animate level, above balance, like a steeple, rising exponentially higher and higher.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/13/11, Writings of Rabash

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