A Game Based On Nuances

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen a person surrounds himself with a good environment, he can easily get back on track if he discovers that he has deviated slightly off his path. If he gets distracted for a few moments, he notices his mistake and returns to unity: “I, the group, and the Creator.” These three factors always must make up one whole: a person who strives toward bestowal (“Israel”), the Light revealed in the group (Torah), and the upper force.

The slight corrections on our path are like the corrections in the flight of a rocket. It constantly corrects its trajectory in relation to the hypothetical straight line. The smaller the error, the better the rocket keeps its course. However, this requires a lot of investment and calculation, and in our case, it demands a greater effort.

On one hand, it is harder for me this way, but it is also easier on the other hand. It is fairly easy to get back on track with just a slight deviation.

When I “play” with these margins, I begin to experience wonderful sensations: a bit of pepper and a bit of sugar. I constantly go through “tastes” or states that are related to my unity with the group and the Creator. Sometimes, the Creator hides from me in a bit of smoke, sometimes the group hides, and sometimes I take a step to the side. In this way, I learn through the variety of combinations that form on the inside and outside.

As I continue my journey, I stabilize my course from day to day, every hour, until I suddenly feel that this really is my life. Habit becomes a second nature, and the work that I used to see as a game turns into reality. As I balance the nuances making fine adjustments, I suddenly discover different phenomena between the three initial components: between myself, the group, and the Creator.

Due to my constant attempts to return to unity, I build screens against my egoism, over the desires, in my mind and feelings. I act better and with more precision. Sometimes, I even let myself bear a bit to the side and come back on track again without losing control.

In this way, I walk a bit ahead of my donkey, as we call it. Dawn does not wake me; I awaken the dawn. In other words, I do not wait for the Creator to play with me with the different components; I advance on my own raising the value of the variables to make sure that they are different, but at the same time connected into one equation of unity.

When a person finds flavor in these games, he constantly adds new strokes to the common connection and ascends the degrees of the spiritual worlds. Let us try to act the following way to the best of our ability: Concentrate upon this before the lesson and return to it over the course of the day according to your schedule and ability. Let everyone set a time to obligate himself to work on unity several times a day at specific times.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/9/2011, Writings of Rabash

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