Escape Darkness And Ignorance

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe creature was created perfect, but this perfection is from the Creator, and this is why the creature does not even know that it exists. This is because in order to feel that you exist, you need a desire, an aspiration, an empty space.

Since the entire creation comes from the Creator’s perfection, it is completely deprived of feelings, mind, its own perception, and any sensation at all. It does not know, understand, or feel anything.

We cannot even imagine what it is like. It is not even still matter that exists in our world, in which there is the movement of atoms and other particles. After all, these particles have a need to exist and maintain themselves in a certain state or quality.

But the state of the creation of the creature is such that the creature as if does not exist at all. It is called “existence from absence” (Yesh Mi Ain). On one hand, it exists (Yesh) because it comes out of the Creator, but is absolutely “from absence” (Mi Ain) because there is absolutely nothing it can say about itself, not even as much as a dead rock.

And then the creature begins to develop under the influence of the Light. The purpose of creation is to bring it to a state when it will feel the need for the Creator in everything so as to reveal that it is opposite to Him and understand who the Creator is from this opposite state.

This way the creature attains the Creator. By attaining the form opposite to the Creator and beginning to perceive the Creator in it, a desire to attain Him and become like Him gradually develops in it. Then the creature will be able to attain the Creator according to the law of similarity of qualities.

It turns out that all the changes happen inside the creature. At first it develops itself in the negative direction and distances itself from the Creator, understanding itself better as it descends the worlds from the world of Infinity to this world and then growing its egoism in our world.

But starting with our days, a completely different process begins. The creature receives an awakening from Above, which helps it to begin to develop in a direction opposite to its nature: the direction of the Creator. In other words, the development from Above downward when the creature kept separating from the Creator, the world of Infinity, increasingly revealing its egoistic desire and discovering that it is isolated and alone is coming to an end.

Besides, the creature experiences the breaking after which every particle begins to understand that it is separated from the rest. Everyone feels like a person who exists among others like it. And it can begin to develop the form of bestowal from this darkness and ignorance in relation to the Creator. He does this against his will because the Light comes to him in a way that makes it impossible for him to receive the fulfillment of life on his own, and he needs the rest.

At first he uses the others for his own fulfillment, but he gradually begins to feel that he needs a more correct, inner, and mutual connection with them. This way we attain the understanding that we have no right to exist without a proper connection between us.

This way nature, the Creator, the upper Light, brings us to the need to connect.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/12/2011, Writings of Rabash

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