The World In The Book Of Zohar

future.jpg When we are reading The Zohar, I don’t want to give theoretical explanations and confuse people, giving them the false impression that they’ve understood something. All these qualities must be sought within yourself. Just as a small child doesn’t understand the difference between one thing and another, so you don’t understand the difference between anything in the world of The Zohar. Understanding comes later, naturally.

In this context, understanding means attainment. You must feel everything in order to say: “Ah, now I see, feel, and taste, and I have to live with it!” You must only aspire to enter inside this picture, and then you’ll understand.

The Zohar should not be studied theoretically. Actually, there’s nothing to study. You must simply enter it and discover it for yourself, just as a child attains this world.

Does a child know how he needs to develop? No, he merely absorbs all that he can from the world, and that’s how he grows. That is how you should develop, with the same thoughts and intentions during the study.

The only difference is that a child has his room, his mother’s care, and all kinds of games; all these things already make up his world. But the world you must develop is concealed in The Book of Zohar. You must behave like a child that has to discover this world for himself.

A child doesn’t ask what he should think about; he opens his mouth and eyes wide, and greedily absorbs information with all his senses. That is called attainment – first you sense something, and only afterward you begin to understand what it is. Within the sensation, you already begin to understand how things are connected, how they affect you, and what happens when you interact with them. It’s similar to how a child learns how everything works from playing with his toys.

That is how you should feel The Zohar – as the only method to enter the spiritual world. The brain cannot add anything because then you’d need to use your corporeal reason in this world and its material examples. And that is no way to build a spiritual understanding.

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