Let The Zohar Come To Life Inside You

good The Zohar: When the Temple was ruined and Divinity was exiled among strange lands… Everyone was weeping over it and connected weeping with lamenting. And all this was because Divinity had been exiled from her place.

And as she was changed in exile from the way she was, her husband, ZA, does not shine his light, as well, for then he has no one upon whom to shine. Thus, he has changed from how he was, as it is written, “The sun will be dark when it rises.”

“So His appearance was marred more than any man,” than that servant, Matatron, who changed his shape and colors during the exile, and unlike what they were, they are green, white, and red.

As we read The Zohar, we have to expect it to influence us. It’s not important what words we are reading, since we don’t understand what’s behind them anyway. We don’t understand the meaning of these words, such as what it means to be “green,” “red,” “slave,” “Matatron,” or “Malchut.” It’s all the same to us. We just want this revealed inside us, and that’s it.

If it seemed that we understood something, then we would leave the lesson satisfied, as if we acquired something. But this is false! We didn’t acquire anything unless we made efforts with every word that we didn’t understand.

We shouldn’t desire to understand the text with our earthy mind on our current level. What we want is revelation! This is the state we want, our next degree. We want to really feel what this book is talking about. We want it to come to life inside us.

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