Freedom Or Illusion?

illusion It makes no difference whether a person is the very best or the worst, whether religious or secular, smart or unintelligent, a criminal or saint. No one in this world has freedom in anything at all if he doesn’t have a point in the heart – no matter who this person may be.

If a person doesn’t work on spiritual development, then he lacks any freedom of will and leads an ordinary animalistic life. Freedom of choice exists only between two points or two opportunities which consist of choosing between the spiritual and the material.

If a person doesn’t have these two possibilities, then that individual is left one-on-one with his egoism, along with all the values which are imposed on him by society. Therefore, is there any freedom of will if a person is told what to do and want in life?

A person has the illusion of freedom only due to a lack of knowledge. It is similar to a child running back and forth in a room full of toys, not even noticing that he’s restricted to this one room, while his mother supervises the entire time.

Only when we have two opportunities for development, toward the material or toward the spiritual, can we obtain freedom of choice and start controlling ourselves with two reins. We cannot do anything with one rein except to stimulate ourselves to do as society dictates, which itself doesn’t understand where it’s heading because it is governed from Above. What is there to choose if we don’t know what will happen to us in the next moment?

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  1. That is the essence of the conflict friedriech Engel point out between the word and the material …u right

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