Uniting All Our Desires Into One

profit Within each of us there is a desire which broke. Therefore we perceive part of our desire as our self, which in Kabbalah is described as “the root, the soul, and the body,” and the other part of our desire as being outside of us. That which is closer to us is referred to as “clothing” and farther away from us is called “castle,” or the outside space. However, in reality it all belongs to us and exists in our feelings; we merely imagine that something exists outside of our desire.

There is great difference between the inner and the outer desire. The barrier that separates them is called the Parsa, the force of the breaking. It is as though we receive anesthesia on one part of the desire and stop feeling that it is ours. Imagine you’ve just been injected with anesthesia and your leg is being removed. At the same time you are talking to people, laughing, and don’t feel a thing; you continue to live your life!


However, our situation regarding our “external desire” is even more extreme. Besides feeling that this desire is not ours, we were also instilled with the sensation that it is opposite and even hostile to us. We feel it is less important than us and can only think about how to use and exploit it.

Moreover, this is the only reason we notice it at all. Billions of other manifestations of the same desire exist in the world, but if we don’t find a way to use them for our own benefit, then we won’t notice them at all.

The force of the breaking makes us feel pleasure from killing, burning, exploiting, and enslaving this desire of ours. It fools us so completely that we cause harm to ourselves and don’t even understand we are doing it!

Harming others in all possible ways eventually reveals the harm we cause ourselves. Just imagine the disappointment and pain we have yet to feel.

So how do we cure this deceptive blindness in ourselves? This is why we read The Book of Zohar and want it to help us. We want its force to affect us and give us back the part that we’ve lost in order to correct it.

We want to see that this foreign desire (other people) is actually ours, by correcting the force of the breaking and uniting all five parts of our desire. Then nothing will remain outside forcing us to think that it is not part of us.

When we cure our blindness so that our eyes open, we feel that it’s all us – the vessel of our soul. Everything exists inside us, including the Upper Light and the Creator.

By eliminating this gap and division, we unite the Light and the Kli into one.

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