The Breaking Of The Common Soul Is A Sacred Action

All the People in the World Are Sick With the Same Sickness The breaking of the Kelim had to happen in order to ensure that the desire to receive and the desire to bestow would not remain separated and incomprehensible to each other, but would intermix and learn to understand each other. The breaking of the only desire that was created, the soul, did not happen by mistake; it is part of a program that allows the creation to gain greater awareness by being forced to realize how mistaken its perception is.

For the Upper One, this is not “a breaking,” but a sacred action – a revelation to the lower one of how opposite he is to the Creator. It is therefore an essential action for attaining perfection and correction. It only seems to us that this is a breakage, similar to how a tailor might look to a child who thinks that the tailor is ruining the fabric by cutting it with scissors, whereas in actuality the tailor is doing it in order to create a suit from it. For the lower one, this looks like corruption, but for the Upper One, it is correction.

Imagine that in order to understand me, you have to descend to my level. I am a thief, a criminal, and full of various vices, and you are incapable of understanding my pattern of thought. Therefore, you need to descend to me and somehow familiarize yourself with my vices. Then you will feel how you can connect to me in order to rescue me from my state.

There is no other way to do this. You will have to “get dirty” and establish a real connection with me by descending to my lower state. This is why it is written, “I, the Creator, am situated with you in all your vices,” and “The Shechina is in exile.”

Only from this state can the Creator begin to raise both of us together. Therefore, the breaking was necessary, and our state is the best possible state from the point of view of freedom of choice.

Once we ascend to a high spiritual level and become great righteous men, we just might regret not being down below…


  1. I don’t understand what do you mean saying?: “Once we ascend to a high spiritual level and become great righteous men, we just might regret not being down below…” Please explain why we might regret not being down below? Thank you.

  2. Shalom ve Simcha Rav! Kindly enlighten me, in one of your expositions you alude to the thought that my current spiritual level is the most appropriate to help me go onto my spiritual journey. If that is so, why then do I have to face so much suffering and pain that almost led me to killing myself? The worry and suffering left me with horrors like hypertension and related illnesses? Is this the samething as breaking me in order to build me up again?

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