Learn To Awaken The Dawn

pipe.jpg A person in our world studies at a university for several years, takes many exams, and suffers when he doesn’t understand something, but later, when he completes the studies, receives a diploma, and leaves the university, he can’t remember: why did he study in the first place? Well, he did it in order to gain a certain approach to his area of expertise, in order to gain the ability to learn new things. His previous knowledge is not a basis for this; it only gives him the right approach that makes him better able to perceive “the Light that Reforms.”

The same ability is passed down in spirituality from one degree to the next. As I go from one degree to another, I become more skillful and sensitive to the Light, and I am better able to attract it. I don’t know what the Light is, but I already know how it works. I am able to recognize it and, from within my desires, I am able to understand how it should come to me and what its influence should be. To some degree I am prepared for new, unknown states. I am able to evoke the Light’s influence upon myself of my own accord, and when the Light comes, I am ready for it.

From within my qualities, I already recognize and desire the right influence of the Light. Even in the Light’s absence, in the darkness, during the transition from this world into the world to come, I can already awaken the dawn.

Therefore, our entire work is to perpetually keep searching, because the search brings us new understanding of the future degrees.

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  1. Dear Michael Laitman;

    i think we have the same soul root, well, when i’m concerned with some issue, in a question of days it appears the answer. I say like this to myself: i’m thinking about this now, what will the Kabbalist write?
    And it appears…(a big smile).
    Keep up the good work

    P.S: I would be very happy to see all Rabash’s Works translated into English, they are very needed, it just read the texts regarding friends and group. I must repeat this again: they are very needed!
    Todah Rabah

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