How Can The Kli Receive The Light?

Contradictions Bring Understanding How does the Creator break the Kli? This is done by Partzuf Ishsut, which represents the mother, the motherly bosom, the whole infinite kindness with which the Creator treats the creation. This Partzuf is what supports the Parsa, knowing that it will cause the Kelim to break. It knows that the Light will vanish and the Kelim will fall from bestowal into egoistic reception, which is death!

Try to understand to what extent these Upper Systems take all the suffering and restrictions onto themselves in order to create the breaking. The breaking occurs due to the fact that the Light of the Final Correction (Gmar Tikkun) comes into completely open Kelim, which desire to receive all of the Light for the sake of bestowal; they want to eat from the whole table that is set by the Host.

I am His guest, and I am completely certain that I’ll receive all of these dishes only for His sake. So I take them, fill myself with them, and rejoice about the fact that I give to the Host. It seems to me that I have achieved the final correction, that I am in the World of Infinity and have a screen for everything.

But then suddenly, I begin to reveal that I have no screen on anything at all. After all, I received the Light of Hochma from above downward, which can never enter the Kelim of reception since this is impossible. I thought this could be done, but I was wrong. If only I had been 10-20% wrong. However, I did something that was completely unacceptable.

How can a Kli of reception accept the Light? It can only do so by uniting with Bina. This will occur later on, in the world of correction.

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