“Love Will Redeem All Sins”

intuitive When reading The Book of Zohar we should be concerned with only one thing: our desire to reach the next state, which is unity and integration. Throughout all of creation unity currently appears to be split into separate parts. Creation appears enormous and we have no idea where to look for it inside ourselves, as The Zohar tells us to.

Nevertheless, we should desire to see all of this within one general system where everything is connected, where all desires, thoughts, qualities, and actions work in harmony within one common soul. In addition, all of this is within me; the function of this corrected soul is the act of bestowal that I reveal inside myself.

The question arises: What does “bestowal” mean? Is it when the heart gives to the brain, the brain gives to the liver, and the liver gives to the lungs? Can we really call that “bestowal”? After all, how is bestowal possible within one body? If the organs don’t give to each other, they simply die. So how can we call these qualities “bestowal” if we see them as a part of one general soul? As soon as you start seeing them as a single unit and sense them as “your own organs,” it stops being considered bestowal because you cannot really give to yourself.

The answer to this dilemma is that all “sinners” and all “sins” that we reveal as a result of this process stay intact. The “evil inclination” always remains, even while we build connections with other souls above it. Therefore, even though the system of souls is revealed within me, at the same time all of my previous hatred for others continues to be present. However, above it I reveal love and connection between us all.

This is why there is no contradiction between the understanding that all that exists is one general system, and at the same time, that all parts of the system act in mutual bestowal.

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