The Trail To Infinity Is Already Paved For Us

light Why is it written that The Book of Zohar exudes Light and contains a special force? We know that the book itself does not contain any special power – it’s just paper. However, when a person attains the Creator through his desire, he paves the trail from this world through all the worlds, and his soul ascends up that trail to the World of Infinity.

As a person ascends up this trail, he establishes a connection with all the souls, similar to how in our world every organ is connected to all the others. A great Kabbalist is a great soul that wrote manuscripts and left them to us, and we now use them to receive the force of life and the Upper Light.

But why do we receive the Upper Light precisely through these books? It’s because a Kabbalist’s manuscript is his spiritual expression in relation to us, which helps us connect to him. It is a means of connecting with his soul.

Having paved the trail to the spiritual world and established a connection with all the other souls, a Kabbalist then left all of this for the whole world to use. Therefore, when we receive a book from a Kabbalist, we connect to his soul and to the connecting net that he created in the general system of souls. This, in turn, helps us connect with that great Kabbalist and take our own small steps with him by our side.

The Book of Zohar was written by ten great Kabbalists who correspond to the ten fundamental Sefirot, the primordial HaVaYaH. Therefore, they did not just pave a thin trail, but a wide, wonderful, and short path that allows anyone to receive the same forces as they had (to “fuel up” for the path) and ascend.

This is why The Book of Zohar is so special: It is not a book, but a spiritual system that enables us to establish a connection with the goal and provides us with everything we need to attain it. While reading The Zohar, we connect to this system, work with it, and it works with us. We must only desire to connect to it, to understand it, and to belong to it. If we have this desire, then the great souls of the Kabbalists have already prepared everything else that we need. They are able to lift us up, help us, and keep raising us higher and higher.

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  1. Rav, you say that the book of Zohar was written by 10 great Kabbalists. I thought it was written by Rashbi? Which one is correct? I am confused.


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