The Upper Light Escapes Through The Cracks Between Us

purposePresently, all of humanity has reached the state of being the broken vessel (Kli) of the common soul. This was not always the case; in previous generations, we were individualists and everyone was on their own, scattered and remote from each other.  It is this separation and lack of connection, which does not allow the formation of a spiritual vessel.

When these disconnected parts try, but are unable, to unite the fragments (individual souls) into a vessel in order to form a common soul (Adam), everything falls apart. This is known as a broken Kli, and is the revelation of egoism. It is then that we reveal what is broken as well as what exactly must be done to correct and repair what is broken.

In other words, until a person tries to tune into the group, he does not see the egoism, through which he will see the Upper World, once he is able to correct it.

This is precisely what has been happening recently. The Upper Force is arranging us in such a way that as the egoism grows, we begin to see that we exist in one global vessel. This vessel is broken, and the Light that wishes to correct it flows out through the cracks between us, through our broken connections.

Therefore, humanity must quickly be brought to a realization that our salvation lies in our unification.

(From a lesson on “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah” 10.28.2009)

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