The Order Of Spiritual Ascent

chargesA question I received: Is there one prayer or several types of prayers?

My Answer: A prayer is a desire you raise in order to be corrected. You raise it to the Upper Level or Partzuf, the Creator, requesting and demanding correction.

The number of requests for correction you raise determines the number of different prayers. There’s a specific number of prayers depending on the states a person goes through on each degree.

That’s why Kabbalists were able to compile a prayer book for us, called “Sidur,” meaning “Order,” (for example, the way things are ordered or organized in a statute). There they described the precise order of ascent from this world to the World of Infinity, as well as all the intermediary states.

It’s a book of instructions. When you read the prayers in it one after another, they reflect the order in which you have to address the Upper Level in order to correct yourself. Any transformation can happen only under the influence of the Upper Level.

There is a special order for each day (for each Sefira or degree) , and if you want to go through a spiritual “day,” then this book tells you the order in which you have to raise your desires for correction.

If you correct yourself over the six “days” (degrees), then you will go on to different prayers (corrections), called the prayers of Shabbat, and then to other special states (days, Moadim) and holidays.

There are many states, and each one has a corresponding prayer, meaning ascension of a desire to its correction. It’s because there’s a change in your state of adhesion to the Creator. The prayers never stop in the spiritual work.

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  1. So should we read the Siddur on a daily basis? You never said this before, and if yes which one. I got confused here. Can u kindly clarify? Thanks Rav I really appreciate all!

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