The Upper Level Teaches Us Through Examples Like A Parent

disapperingOur world began from a spark of spiritual energy which burst through from the Upper World. This small spark of Light created all the matter in our universe and provided energy for the development of all the parts of creation: the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human. We are also a consequence of that same spark.

The same thing always happens in the spiritual world on all the levels, during the descent from Above downward: a spark of Light bursts through from Malchut of the Upper spiritual object into Keter of the lower object, and begins to build a whole new world there.

However, when we begin to rise back up, we don’t understand how to do this. How can I tell what my next state should be – what desires, qualities, and connections should exist in me in order for me to be like the Upper Level?

I cannot know this information and ascend until the Upper Level gives me an example that I will then be able to imitate. Therefore, first and foremost I need the revelation of the Upper Level.


However, spiritual revelation is only possible when my qualities correspond to the Upper Level, but I am unable to correspond to them. Therefore, we end up with a vicious cycle where one is not possible without the other. There is no solution, since there is a split between me and the Upper Level. There is an impassable border between us, which I will never be able to cross on my own!

This is why the Upper Level adjusts to me and descends to my level like a grown-up that descends to a child’s level in order to teach him something. Through the Upper Light’s example, I can see what my next state should be – “me + 1.”

If I want to reach the Upper Level and to become similar to it, then I change myself and rise to the degree of the Upper Level. And then the Upper Light (the soul) clothes into me.

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