Can’t See Infinity? Put On Your Glasses!

others.jpgOur world is a mound of Infinity, but on the smallest level of perception. We understand and feel reality to a minuscule extent, extremely far from complete perception.

It’s similar to how a person with poor eyesight sees almost nothing without his glasses. He can barely make out the people around him, although they are right next to him. Thus, our world is a sleepy, blurry sensation, and a miserable portion of Infinity.

However, we always reveal the whole picture, just like each part of a hologram contains the whole image. Even on the lowest degree, I observe the whole spectrum of reality, but to the extent that I can make it out without my “glasses.” The better my glasses are, the clearer is the picture I see.

We exist inside an unchanging state, but we feel it depending on how clear our perception is. The clearest perception is the World of Infinity.

In order to come closer to it, we have to correct our instruments of perception (Kelim), reveal a little more Light in them. In order for this to happen, they should be similar to the Light. When the Light is revealed, we discover a new layer of reality.


  1. This world in which I “see”, and feel – Such incomplete misery.

    Good thing this distorted perception, is not the True reality.

    Where do I find those glasses, which reveal what’s hidden from me?

    How I yearn to “see” through glasses, and perceive the whole — Infinity.

    From perfection we descended…
    One Desire fulfilled…, a love which knows no bounds.

    Now shattered, our fragments depleted of life –
    “Uproar the universal peace, confound”.

    Please head my call, come one come all…
    & together we’ll rise from a treacherous fall.

    Lets reunite all our parts, together as ONE man in ONE Heart!

    For by myself I am nothing, by myself I’m all alone,
    By myself I have no hope of ever finding my way back home.

    And to this Truth I aspire. When walked, this path will set free…
    From the darkness of night, to the light of Infinity.
    … where my long lost love awaits me.

    Please, I must find these glasses, which reveals the light that brings
    to – PEACE – ….this tiny little piece of me.

  2. beautiful Sharon, I feel your longing…thanks

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