The Spiritual World Is Just One Step Away

lightOur problem is that when it comes to our spiritual development, we can stand still for a long time before taking the next step forward. It may seem as though we are going through a lot of states, but actually we are just treading over the same spot, shifting from right to left, leaning forward or back, unable to take a step forward by making spirituality be the dominant force in us.

We can’t yet focus all of our strength to actually annul ourselves (our egoism) for the sake of the quality of bestowal, which we have to attain on the next degree. After all, every step we take brings us closer to the quality of bestowal, which begins to reign within us. The question is whether we are ready to make all the necessary preparations: to annul our egoism, to sense the importance of the goal and focus all our thoughts and desires on it, having made a final decision that this is the only thing we need and nothing else.

If a person has a chance to take even one step toward bestowal, the Creator, without hoping for a reward, even while lacking the forces to do this, but simply wishing to cleave to the quality of bestowal in just one point, and to be satisfied with this despite all the great desires he has, then he reaches perfection (Malchut in Bina).

Thus, he enters the state of perfection (the attribute of bestowal) through one point (Tzimzum Bet). All that remains for him to do is just to develop this point. It is written: “Make Me an opening as the eye of a needle and I will deliver you.”

If you hold on to that point of bestowal in spite of all the doubts, questions and disturbances, then the desires that emerge in you (your Reshimot) will pull you deeper and deeper inside, like a thread through the needle’s eye, pulling you into the spiritual attribute of bestowal. Then, through your desires, you will see the Upper World.

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