The Formula For The Upper Level Is “You + 1”

The Reshimot Surfacing Today Demand Spiritual Ascent of All HumanityA question I received: In our world, if I want to obtain information I need for performing an action, I can choose from a variety of TV channels, radio stations and books. Why then can’t I receive information from the spiritual world in order to know how to act? After all, I’m completely controlled from Above anyway.

My Answer: The problem exists only from your perspective and not from the perspective of the Upper Level. The entire problem is that you don’t feel how you are controlled from Above. You don’t feel the strings that are pulling you like a puppet.

It is impossible to feel the Upper Level and Its governance over you until you develop the appropriate sense with which to perceive It. The Upper Level is inside you, and that’s why you don’t feel It. You have to try to connect with your external environment as if it is you. This is why we are in a state where we have the sensation of other people, those who are alien and foreign to us. It’s in order for us to try and connect with them as if they are a part of us.

If you use the right environment (the group – see Baal HaSulam’s article, “The Freedom”) in order to create an inner quality that can perceive your neighbor as yourself (meaning, someone close to you because they have the same goal – to reach the Creator), then through that same quality, you will also feel the Upper World, the Creator as well as His governance over you and the whole world. You will be able to feel the strings that cause you to move.

The Upper Level is not somewhere high above you. The Upper Level is your next level, “you + 1.” Today this level is the Creator relative to you, but tomorrow it will be you, and then the Creator will be an even higher level.

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