How To Ascend To The Upper Degree

UnattainabilityintheMindofaKabbalist.gifA question I received: How is it possible to justify all the things that happen in this world?

My Answer: Let’s say we are in Malchut of the World of Assiya, and there’s a higher degree – Yesod of the World of Assiya. (See Baal HaSulam’s article, “Preface to the Book of Zohar.”) So, everything that happens in this world comes to us from that Upper Degree.

To ascend to that degree means to become equal to it, to unite with it, to annul yourself before it, to love it and become like it. But how can you unite with something you hate? You can’t! In other words, the condition of ascending to the higher, adjacent degree is agreeing to everything that happens on your degree (in your world), because you receive everything from the Upper Degree.

Our task is to annul our ego and adhere to the Upper One completely. You should have only one inner discord or one source of pain – that there are still uncorrected desires (Klipot) standing in your way, not letting you attain the complete correction of the world. They should be the only target of your hate, and you should feel love for everything else.

In addition, the hate towards the Klipot should be directed precisely and be based on the understanding that it’s the left line, which comes to you from the Creator. You have to wish to correct the Klipot, but not to annihilate them.

In summary, the prerequisite of adhesion (ascension, unity) with Him is to completely conform to the Upper One.

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  1. Hi,
    I am Ramesh from India, when we come to know there is no one besides Him and I become the Creator and so I perceive others as same. Now what to do when someone attacks you, abuses you? And even if you are trying to do the training to know the Creator, to know that all is Creator; but when other people (all of them part of creation) tries to attack me, is this also Creator? Should I not defend, should I smile thinking it is all done by the Creator, I mean what exactly should I do? I need insight.

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