The Obscure New Desire That Brings Us To Kabbalah

Laitman_2009-08_2939We feel that we are in a world, which we separate into “me” and the people around me, and we try to use everything for our own benefit. This is how we act in accordance with our inner nature, and other people around us act the same way.

However, once a new desire awakens in a person, it cannot be filled by anything available in this world. This causes confusion, as a person wants something, but doesn’t know what it is that they want.

This small new desire haunts a person. It grows and brings him to a place that contains an answer. This is how a person discovers the wisdom of Kabbalah.

One doesn’t understand right away what it is, but an instinctive feeling keeps him holding on to these books and to a new society. He studies, like a child that is just imitating grown-ups.

This is how a person advances until, after some time, he begins to understand that the goal is to reveal another world in addition to the world he currently perceives.

In this second reality, everything is different. Both the person himself and the world are new.  The new desire that awakens in him is the beginning of his new “I.” When this desire develops, he discovers himself in a new world.

This is like changing the channel on a TV. A person is watching one channel and sees an image of the world. He changes the channel and suddenly finds himself viewing a completely different world. A person changes along with the new world that is revealed to him, and he begins to understand what is being revealed through the science of Kabbalah.

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  1. What should I do when I feel hate against the Creator? In all the situations which occur to me I fail – I am asking “what do you want from me?” I remember that all is coming from Him, I can feel that He is behind everything – the only force in the world – but I am not able to justify Him. I feel Him as unjust, as cruel – not because of His actions that make me feel bad – but because I do not know what to do. I am in absolute darkness and there is no light shining whatsoever. I ask Him to change me, but no changes occur. Although every morning lesson my hate is sweetened, nevertheless I lose my hope during the day. All the advices bring me only weakness. I have no strength and there is no help. Then I try to justify Him – a little bit it is possible, but then the next slap occurs. How far does it go? When does He finally change my qualities?

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