The Creation And The Creator Cannot Exist Without One Another

titlesA question I received: Where is my “I” in the system of spiritual forces?

My Answer: “I” is the one who reveals them. “I” is the screen upon which they become revealed. “I” is the degree of similarity and revelation. In the spiritual world, it is impossible to draw differences, because you reveal it by means of interaction (Zivug) and unification. It is impossible to divide the spiritual sensation into the attainer and the attained.

Spirituality is a sensation of commonality; it is the result of your involvement with the Upper Level. You are not called “creation” until you reveal the Creator. And when you have this sensation, it is impossible to draw a distinction between Him and you. The creation and the Creator cannot exist without one another, and you reveal this to the degree you become similar to Him.

So, you ask, “Where is my ‘I’ here?” “I” is the degree of your similarity to the Creator. Without it, you don’t exist in the spiritual world.

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