Our Entire Work Is To Reveal The System Of The Universe

beesA question I received: If a person is happy and proud of the fact that he is controlled from Above, then where is the bestowal in this?

My Answer: The bestowal lies in the fact that the person reveals the Upper Governance. We don’t do anything except reveal this. Our whole work consists of revealing the system of the universe where the Creator governs. Each one of us has to reveal this on his own.

I exist in the concealment of the only state created by the Creator. I am already in it. As soon as the Creator desired to create it, it emerged immediately. I simply reveal this state, which is already prepared. I don’t do anything with the state itself – with the Light and Kli which exist in it. I only work in order to reveal it for myself.

We are talking about degrees, or states of our revelation. These are the degrees of the worlds. We don’t build anything new. We just develop an inner perception of the reality that exists from the start.

Therefore, everything is revealed in regard to me. New states arise in me from the existing Nature.
(From Part 3 of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson)

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