Make Your Path Short And Simple

activity1We always want to develop quicker, and if it were possible, we’d prefer to overcome the whole path in one leap. However, when a person understands that what is being revealed to him is perfection, he concentrates on his state and realizes that he has to reveal the perfection particularly in this state, even if it is the worst possible state. It is possible that he’ll reveal a connection with the Creator precisely in that state.

Therefore, we have no reason to dash ahead to other states. This is usually a problem for beginners. They think they need to reach great changes somewhere far ahead. But that’s not the case. We always exist in the state of Infinity, and how we reveal the connection between us and the Creator depends on our current attitude to reality.

Therefore, a person’s journey can either be long or short, depending on what he concentrates on. You can reveal perfection in your current state, and then you’ll see that you are already in it. All you need to do is clear the concealment and reveal the Creator, who is everywhere. Then you and He are in unity.

This is very important since we always think that the spiritual worlds and degrees are somewhere far away, and we don’t know what we are striving for exactly. However, this isn’t so. One advances in the right direction if he is enjoying the adhesion and revelation in his current state.

After all, a person reveals the Creator in this life, within this world, through his connection with other souls. He does it by connecting with a book in front of him, a TV program, or the Internet. Everything is right in front of us. We don’t need to run anywhere – in material or spiritual space. All of this space is only inside the depth of the present state.

If we don’t forget this, our path will become short and simple.
(From Part 3 of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson)

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