Kabbalah’s Dissemination Around The World Is The Messiah’s Horn

bookA question I received: There are so many efforts being made today to disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah around the world. People all over the world are being given all the right conditions for correction, so why isn’t the world changing?

My Answer: You’re right: in all of history, people have never had such favorable conditions for attaining spirituality. We even have a special TV channel about Kabbalah in Israel! People have been given all the means, and now they only have to make the choice to take them.

Nevertheless, we have to understand that people’s desire has to be influenced by the Light. And even though the influence of the Light is very strong, it is also gradual, and there are many actions that have to take place inside the desire. This is even true when you have a very fast-working computer: no matter how hard we try to decrease the intervals between its elements and increase the frequency of the electrical pulse, every operation still takes time because it consists of billions of actions that have to happen on the inside.

I think that over the last year, humanity has gone through very positive changes. The year spanning from September 2008 to September 2009 was named “the year of hatred” in Israel. This is a good thing, because it means that people are already beginning to see that our relationships are ruled by hatred.

This revelation could only have happened through the influence of the Upper Light. People have finally begun to understand that Kabbalah is not mysticism, the performance of rituals, or the “Pulsa Denura” curse, but the method for correcting our life here and now, in this world. People are beginning to understand that Kabbalah is a serious, real science, which helps to keep families together, restore the balance in nature, come out of the world crisis, and avoid the imminent ecological catastrophe.

We have dispelled many myths about the wisdom of Kabbalah, and this has made the world advance a great deal. Only the dissemination of Kabbalah will save the world.

If Kabbalah will spread amongst people, then we will avoid all the catastrophes, we will merit both this world and the world to come, and both of these worlds will unite into one. Baal HaSulam refers to the dissemination of Kabbalah as the Messiah’s Horn in the entire world. Let’s hope that we will succeed. Everything depends on you!
(From Part 1 of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson of September 11, on Shamati # 18)

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