How To Build A “Spiritual Resistor”

adviceA question I received: What does the unity of souls feel like?

My Answer: The unity of souls feels like the unification of all aspirations upward, toward the spiritual goal, because this goal can only be attained through the connection between us, never separately. Alone, you would forever remain with just your single point in the heart, which you received at the beginning of the path. Like a drop of semen, it will always remain your foundation, while everything else is the “meat” that you have to add to it. However, that drop contains all the information about you.

The point in the heart exists above you ego, which you cannot fulfill in this world any longer. And even though it draws you upward, if left alone, it will forever remain a point. It cannot grow by itself. But when you unite it with other points – your friends, together your points will form a whole vessel of the soul, and within it, you will then begin to perceive the Upper Light.

The Light is never felt within any one of us, but only in the connection between us, in our attitude toward one another, in our unity. Every one of us constitutes a desire. If I bestow to another person and he bestows to me, then it is inside the connection between us that we feel the Inner Light.

It’s actually similar to subatomic connections. There are two desires. On one hand, one is repelled from the other by the force of egoism, and therefore, people don’t want to unite with one another. But on the other hand, they are drawn toward one another above their ego, because they want to unite their points in the heart.

The ego’s force of rejection is negative, while the points in the hearts’ force of attraction is positive.


If the positive force is greater than the negative, then unification takes place. However, the power of the unification is determined by the tremendous “minus” force of people’s mutual egoism. Yet, by uniting above our egoism, we turn it into a “plus” and begin to use it as a resistor – the domain where the force of bestowal, the Creator, can be revealed.

Then, He is revealed in the connection between us, inside our former egoism, which is now governed by the intention to unite. It is like a field that surrounds a charged particle. This is how the Creator becomes revealed to the creature: through the connection between the souls, rather than inside each individual soul.
(From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson of September 11, on Shamati #18)

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