Learn To Live Long And Live Happily!

woman3The most distressing development in health care reform is the formation of a commission that is to make decisions regarding the level of health care provided to a patient during the last stages of life.

Statistics says that the cost of providing care during the last years of life is equal to the cost of care for all previous years of life. Most of us start off healthy in the beginning, then as we age, problems begin piling up until, at the end of our life, many of us are very sick and our health care costs skyrocket.

The main question being asked is: How to save money? From here, the solution has come in the form of a commission that will decide what conditions to treat and what not to treat.

Who are we talking about? Who needs these old people? When we are young we work, pay taxes and fund the government treasury depending on how much we pay in taxes and how much we spend as consumers. When we retire, we become deadwood for the state. We don’t produce anything, but become dependent on the government for our needs.

The commission is to decide how much money to spend on this deadwood, and the judges will be those who receive dividends from this process.

Here are some ideas for consideration by the commission: Can we create a society where people live longer, are happier and at the same time also cost the government less money?  What if we teach people how to eat correctly, to move and stay active, learn to love others and think of their neighbors, be in harmony with Nature and come to understand that we are one family?

We don’t need to decide whether we need this commission or other types of reform. If we begin to feel ourselves as one family, then we won’t need any reforms. We will be able to make accurate, correct decisions and learn to live long and live happily!

Written by Doctor Alex Angelov (Bnei Baruch, Boston)

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