The Many Layers Of Desire (Advanced)

withoutA question I received: You said more than once that everything occurs within a person. The whole picture of reality is projected on a screen in the  brain. Who is it projected to? Who sits on a chair, watching this picture?

My Answer: The desire! The desire to enjoy, which has 613 (TARYAG) Reshimot,  are connected to each other in a special form, called 10 Sefirot or five Partzufim.

The world consists of five Partzufim, with five Sefirot in each Partzuf, and five sub-Sefirot in each Sefira. Consequently, this is a huge structure, with many parts, which are connected to each other like pixels on a TV screen.

There is a whole layer of desires in the desire to enjoy. The Light enters the desire, fills it, and builds it according to four stages:

  • In stage Alef, the desire begins to feel fulfilled.
  • In stage Bet, it wants to become similar to the Light.
  • In stage Gimel it desires to become just like the Light, and
  • In stage Dalet it desires to become independent and to absorb all of the Light.

In this last stage, it already understands what is happening to it, and the desire evolves due to the Light. These are two opposite forces, one of which influences the other. Therefore, the Light develops the desire until it begins to feel and understand itself, as well as to feel the root and understand it. This is how matter develops.

From where do we come to enter into this world? We come from matter, which consequently represents electrons, protons, neutrons, and positrons, which begin to connect with each other in an ever more complex manner.

This connection forms matter, which suddenly begins to move and to feel on its own–what is good or bad for it,  what to draw closer to and what to distance itself from.

It begins to think what is to its benefit and what isn’t and it therefore begins to make plans. It has already gained a sensation of the past, present, and future. It remembers the past and foresees the future.

All this is formed from parts of matter due to the fact that they unite with each other, forming more complex parts. However, what does it mean to “unite?” In this unification, matter receives a quality of the Light, since otherwise it is incapable of uniting.

It turns out that there is a desire to receive pleasure in the form of enormous or microscopic masses of matter, right down to elementary particles, which are studied by quantum physics.

However, unification between them is possible only with the force of bestowal in addition to the force of reception. Then a quality of the Light enters the matter, and this matter begins to consist of itself and its opposite.

From these two opposite qualities being joined together, a sensation of “I” and “the Creator,” emerges, which is a sensation of the receiver and the giver, the past and the future, the good and the bad. This is how matter begins to perfect itself and perceive the reality that surrounds it.

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