Improve Your Life The Effective Way

mutualIf a person engages in spiritual work, then he doesn’t feel overwhelmed by material troubles, because the sensation of corporeality becomes pacified and balanced when influenced by the spiritual sensation. Our world is a result of spiritual forces, which descend from the spiritual world to our world. Everything that exists in our world is governed by forces from Above. If we bring these Upper Forces to balance, then everything will work out in our world as well.

If we begin building the right connection among us – one that’s similar to the spiritual connection, then our entire world, including our earthly life, will start being balanced out. On the other hand, by acting on the level of our world, we won’t be able to correct or improve anything in our earthly lives, because our world is governed by forces from Above.

So, only when we work on our correction, on becoming similar to the Upper Forces, will the forces descending from Above bring our entire world to harmony. And we will immediately feel this.

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