Desires Know No Distance

connectA question I received: There are thousands of people all over the world studying together with us through television and internet. They can watch the lessons and buy Kabbalah books. But what should they do if they don’t have a physical group nearby that they can join in order to receive the necessary forces?

My Answer: What difference does it make where a person is located when he listens to the lesson – in front of a TV screen, or in the lesson hall where I teach live? A person is located wherever his desire is. That’s why I feel thousands of people and their desires next to me, but someone else could be sitting right by my side and I won’t even feel him.

It makes no difference what part of the world a person is in. The distance may even be helping him. I feel how the people who get together in different parts of the planet are contributing an enormous force by participating in the Daily Kabbalah Lesson.

This happens because every person’s individual force is multiplied by the distance and the weakness he feels due to being far away from us, due to not feeling a direct influence. This adds up to a tremendous force.

So, no matter what corner of the world our friends are located, they are truly very close to us.
(From Part 3 of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson)

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