Persistence Is The Guarantee For Success

currentsWe advance under the influence of two opposite forces: bestowal (the Creator’s force) and reception (man’s force). It’s impossible to have a situation where only one force is present, similar to how in our world you can’t have one pole without the other.

Thus, each of us is influenced by these two forces at every moment in life. In addition, these forces are balanced so as to create a condition of freedom for us – the freedom to advance toward spirituality, toward the quality of bestowal.

This is why we are always in a “fracture zone,” if you will. One moment you’re excited, full of energy and movement, and the next moment you fall so low that you have no energy to move. The system of governance conceals the things that impede our development and creates various inner states for us, which depict the surrounding world. But all of this is in order for each of us to realize his free choice.

A person’s task is to do everything that’s in his power in every situation. Even if he thinks, “I’m good for nothing, and I’m definitely not fit for doing spiritual work. It’s intended for great people who have a lot of energy and talent.” Well, that’s just not true! It’s not the strong people who merit to reveal the Upper World, but the people who keep treading the path toward it! The souls that end up reaching the greatest heights are those that start their ascent from the very depth of egoism.

If a person has any opportunity to advance, then even if it’s purely egoistic, and even if he’s imagining all kinds of enticing rewards for his egoism – this is still a good thing! This is similar to how a donkey does work with its eyes tied by a cloth and a sac of grain dangling in front of its nose. This makes him walk around in circles and turn the wheels that turn the grain (an animal’s food), into flour (a human’s food). This is how an animal grows into a human being.

So, don’t pay too much attention to the conditions you are given, whether external or internal. All the states that we go through, regardless of how silly or useless they seem to us, are always the most useful for our advancement. We only have to try and do everything we can, like a baby that never gives up and is always tireless and enthusiastic. If we remain just as persistent, then we will definitely succeed!
(From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson)

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